Congratulations, you are now a member of the 2022 Senior class! We hope you have a super year. The staff of Dream Photography is definitely excited to serve you! Well, it's time to schedule your senior photo session. Take the opportunity to schedule around your working hours, vacation time or other activities you may have planned for this summer. Please call 412-371-8181 as soon as possible.

We are trendsetters in our profession, employing the latest techniques of contemporary photography. Our portraits are taken with imagination and patience. Every person has a photogenic side and it is up to a good portrait photographer to find yours. Together we can create images that you are going to be proud to share with your friends and family.

The secret to the perfect senior portrait is your involvement and our time and personal attention! We are devoting our summer to your senior portrait. Photo sessions will be held throughout June and July. You'll have a comfortable session in our air conditioned studio here in Penn Hills. We strive to make your photo session a pleasant and memorable experience! We are looking forward to seeing you in pictures! To set up an appointment date and time slot, come in to prepay for your photo session at the studio in person, or with a credit card by phone.